Sunday, August 8, 2010

Story by Dr sharad Singh ..... The Young old-man

In that day I was riding my scooter. I was upset due to my husband’s transfer. We were not interested to go to another city. My children also worried to think that they will be lost their close friends. By this situation my mind had puzzled. So, I can not saw that old man who was suddenly came to front of my scooter. I gave the break to my scooter by full of force.
That old man shocked and stood at the front of my scooter. I was going to shout on him but by the couple of seconds I was found that I was guilty. So, I felt ashamed and I apologized to the old man.
“I am sorry! I’m really sorry!” I said.
He listens and looked me. He smiled and said, “It’s O.K.!”
“No-no, it’s my entire fault. Are you injured?” I asked him. Actually I felt nerves.
“No, I am fine. Will you drop me at the central-square?” he asked me.
“Why not? It will be big pleasure to me.” I said. He was sat back on my scooter.
That was the first meeting with that old man. At the same time we introduced each other. After few days he was came to my house. I welcomed him. He was feeling so happy to meet my children. My children also enjoyed his presence. They called him “Grandpa!”
The old man had visiting my house by the two-three days as usual. He and my children made friendship. He love me like a real father. He was from a broken family and his children were settled in own life by the left him alone. I have had not any cause to stop him to visit my house. He played with my children and there were many gifts he gave to my children.
In the vacations, my husband came to home. He met the old man. He was like him because the old man full of liveliness as a young person at the age of seventy one. But my husband was felt a trouble with him in a case. My husband told me that it is not fair that we received several gifts for our children. After all he is retired person and he brings gifts by his pension- money. I relished that and I decided, I will tell him in open words that he does not bring more gifts for the children.
Firstly, I could not spoke him any word but than I stored my courage I tell him. He shocked by the listen my words. After few seconds he told as crying, “I have doing to all of my own pleasure. It is not any type of grace or malefic. But, if you decided it in any circumstances you will be free to take your decision. I never can blame you for this because when I refused my own children so no body should be responsible for my feelings.”
He stands up and walks out by the tired steps. I have tears in my eyes and feels he was look older than his age. My husband felt too bad himself. I can not stop my self to call him.
“Please forgive me. I don’t want to hurt you.” I apologized.
“Yes, she said true. It is my mistake. But now I want to say you it is your house and we are your children. So, you should forgive us and visited us forever.” my husband speaks.
He stopped in that moment and turned from us. A thousand ray’s smile I saw on his face. And, he has look younger by his real age once again.


  1. Sharad Ji, Namaste,
    First time I come to u r blog this old man story is very interesting, sometime people they were not in position to stop their emotions and feelings..... YEHI TO HAI ZINDAGI .....
    Surinder Ratti - Mumbai

  2. Pranam mam!!!!
    heart touching
    very nice story mam.
    Kahani main bahut wazan hai.

  3. As no.of years dnt make anybody young or are fortunate to experienced it.good indeed

  4. As no.of years dnt make anybody young or are fortunate to experienced it.good indeed